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Why not spend you Bachelorette Party in Chicago learning how to make some great cocktails and also drink some!
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Bachelorette Party Cocktail Classes

If you’re looking for an activity to make your bachelorette party in Chicago memorable, or something to  bring together a group of girls, then Cocktail Classes, or Mixology as it’s called is the perfect solution.  Chicago Cocktail Master Classes give your guests a luxurious night they'll never forget!    If you don't know your Cosmopolitan from your Manhattan’s,  we got you covered, join our cocktail classes in Chicago and  learn how to mix with the best! It’s time to learn the tricks  of the trade as you're taught to mix the perfect cocktail with  a professional Mixologist.  Not only do you get to mix all the drinks presented on the  day, after all your efforts you can quench your thirst, sit  back and enjoy drinking your creations!   A fun, fantastic way to start an evening...ladies it’s time to  dress up and get those heels on!! Gents, it's time to learn  from the professionals!! Each session lasts 90 minutes during  which you will learn all of the basics about cocktail making, you will get to drink your “creations” and  it’s the ideal activity to get everyone involved!
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Fun Mixology Classes For Bachelorette Parties Chicago

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Cocktail Making Classes in Chicago 

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Bachelorette Cocktail Classes Chicago

Book your Cocktail Class in Chicago at a  venue in town (pick one from our panel  of 4) or we may come to your house, the  choice is yours. There is nothing more exciting than booking a  Mixology Class in Chicago where you will learn  in a fun and relaxed atmosphere how to make a  few classic or modern drinks all under the  “strict” supervision of your own personal Tom  Cruise (oh well, maybe not quite him but we  dont mind asking for you - you never know)! Ready...Steady...Cocktails!

Mixology Classes at Home in Chicago

Here at Mixology Classes Chicago we are  passionate about  helping you create an  eclectic & unique Bachelorette Party  experience,  complete with memories that will  last a lifetime!      Shake up your night with a couple of irresistible  and  gorgeous cocktails in our Classy Cocktail  Masterclass. Book your Cocktail Class in Chicago  and let our charming barmen keep you  moving  and shaking all night long! We will come at your  house/apartment with all the gear or we can  organise a venue in town, the choice is yours!

Corporate Mixology Classes Chicago

Is your long awaited Corporate Party  coming soon and you are stuck for  ideas? Book one of our Mixology Classes in Chicago   and let us look after your guests in style! We  can either come to you or we can have the  Masterclass at one of our 4 venues in town,  pick the one that suits you better. Let our  experienced  bartenders keep you moving and  shaking all night long. They're entertaining  and charming, they're perfect gentlemen and  they will show you how to make the most  delicious cocktails. 
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Mobile Cocktail Services Hire

mixology classes Chicago
Cocktail Classes in Chicago with award- winning Mixologists who will help you create amazing drinks... Perfect for Bachelorette Nights!
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Discover our Great Cocktail Courses in Chicago with Mixology Group USA - Discover Chicago! We also cover: - New York          - Los Angeles     - Boston - Pittsburgh         - Las Vegas        - DC - New Jersey        - Atlanta            - Chicago
Mixology Classes Chicago
The Perfect Team Building Activity or  Birthday & Bachelorette Party kick start.  Want to know more?
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Bachelorette Party Classes

Mixology Classes for Bachelorette Parties 

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Mixology Classes Chicago

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Cocktail Workshop Chicago

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